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Welcome to the Harunokitchen website! We are pleased to welcome you to our corner of the Internet, dedicated to immersing yourself in the world of Vue.js - one of the most popular and promising JavaScript frameworks of our time.

Vue.js combines ease and efficiency, allowing developers to create dynamic, high-performance web applications with minimal effort. From simple projects to complex applications, Vue.js offers an intuitive approach to creating user interfaces based on components, directives, and data reactivity.

Throughout our site you'll find a wealth of material ranging from basic Vue.js concepts and principles to deep dives into advanced topics such as managing state with Vuex and routing with Vue Router. We aim to not only give you theoretical knowledge, but also provide practical examples that will help you confidently apply your skills in real-life projects.

Our goal is to make learning Vue.js fun and accessible for everyone. Regardless of your skill level, whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, you're sure to find useful materials and resources here to help you expand your knowledge and reach new heights in web development.

Join our community of students and professionals who share a common passion for Vue.js. We are confident that together we can make your immersion in this exciting framework not only productive, but also fun. Welcome to the world of Harunokitchen, where web development becomes easier and more fun!

About Us

We are a team of enthusiasts and professionals who share a common passion for technology and web development. Our Harunokitchen website was created to provide everyone with useful information and resources for learning Vue.js, a powerful and innovative JavaScript framework. We believe in making knowledge accessible to everyone, which is why we provide Vue.js basics for beginners and in-depth materials for experienced developers.

Our goal is not only to explain how to use Vue.js, but also to help you learn how to use it in real projects. We pay special attention to the practical aspects of development, providing code examples, tutorials for solving common problems, and tips for optimizing the process of working with the framework.

We are constantly updating and expanding our content to respond to changes in the world of web development and bring you the most up-to-date information. With us, you can not only master the basics of Vue.js, but also continue to grow by learning more advanced concepts and tools that will help you create amazing web applications.

Join our community of Vue.js enthusiasts, where everyone can find inspiration, share experiences and share their achievements. We strive to create a friendly and inspiring space where web development becomes not just a profession, but an art. Welcome to Harunokitchen - your guide to the world of Vue.js

Origin of the name Vue.js

The name "Vue" was chosen by its creator, Evan Yu, as an abbreviation for the word "view" in English. This reflects the framework's main focus on displaying data in the user interface. At the same time, "Vue" can be interpreted as an acronym for "Visual User Environment", which emphasizes the ease of using Vue.js to create aesthetically pleasing and interactive web applications.

Launch of Vue.js on Habré

The history of Vue.js began with the publication of the first version of the framework on the popular Russian-language IT resource Habrahabr in February 2014. This was an important point in attracting the attention of the Russian-speaking developer community to the new web development tool. The article received positive feedback and became the starting point for the rapid growth of Vue.js popularity among developers around the world.

Our advantages

We are proud to offer a unique approach to learning Vue.js that combines deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our team is made up of experienced developers and educators who not only have extensive experience with Vue.js, but also have a passion for sharing their knowledge.

We develop our materials taking into account the needs of different categories of users – from beginners who are just starting to get acquainted with the framework, to experienced professionals who need to expand their knowledge and master new technologies.

Our training materials are not limited to theory only. We provide a variety of case studies, assignments, and projects to help you learn the material and begin applying it in practice. We keep our training materials up to date by constantly updating the content according to the latest trends and changes in the world of Vue.js and web development in general.

We also strive to create an inspiring and supportive community around our site. We welcome feedback and suggestions from our users to make our content even more useful and interesting for everyone.

Join us to dive into the exciting world of Vue.js and become part of a community where sharing experiences and knowledge makes learning even more valuable and enjoyable.